How can I protect my personal collection? How do I preserve my family records?

Preserving a collection of books or documents is important, especially if it includes family heirlooms or records you want to safeguard for future generations. There are some organizations that specialize in archival and which provide some helpful tips to protect your treasures. Here are just a few of these resources: NEDCC Book Conservation and Preservation, Library of Congress Preservation, and National Archives Preservation.

Does WallBuilders help with genealogy research?

While WallBuilders has a very large collection of historical books and documents, those resources do not include the type of records that are generally helpful for genealogical research. Generally, local libraries provide useful materials such as area newspapers or county records. Additionally, some states make census and other public records available online. You may want to begin with The Ancestor Hunt – a helpful website that provides how-to articles and dozens of resource links to point you in the right direction.

Can I repost or reprint articles from the WallBuilders website? What about excerpts from WallBuilders books?

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