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WallBuilders does not necessarily endorse these websites and resources. We are sharing some educational and fun sites that have been shared with us that we thought might be beneficial. At the time we’re posting this list of resources (April 2020), all of these contain at least some free resources.


Virtual Tours:

Helpful Resources:

All Ages Educational:



Faith Based

Foreign Language








Various Subjects


Elementary Age Educational:



  • K-8 online math program that looks at how a student is solving problems to adjust accordingly and build a unique learning path for them.
  • K-5 curriculum that builds deep understanding and a love of learning math for all students.





Middle School Educational:




  • Engaging reading game for grades 2-8 that combines strategy, engagement, and imaginative reading passages to create a fun, curriculum-aligned literacy game.
  • A safe research site for elementary-level readers. They are offering — free 24/7 access [USERNAME: read (case sensitive) PASSWORD: read (case sensitive)].


  • Next Generation Science video game focused on middle school where students directly engage in science phenomena as they solve problems.
  • Science simulations, scientist profiles, and other digital resources for middle school science and high school biology.

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The Constitution Signers

Let’s test your knowledge about the Signers of Our Constitution.    Do you think you will get all the answers correct?

Signers of the Declaration Resource Page

So many today know very little about the fifty-six men who signed the Declaration of Independence. They pledged their “lives, fortunes, and sacred honor” to preserve the important freedoms enshrined in that document. Their legacy, in the form of the Declaration, has lasted throughout the centuries as America has grown and prospered and that legacy deserves to be remembered! Below we’ve collected some resources so that you can become better acquainted with these brave men.

Biographical Websites

US, Signers of the Declaration of Independence:

National Park Service, Signers of the Declaration Biographical Sketches:

Biographical Books

John Sanderson, Biography of the Signers:

Lives of the Signers

Wives of the Signers

WallBuilders’ Articles

4th of July:

Courageous Women During the American Revolution:

Dr. Benjamin Rush:

James Wilson:

Secretary of the Continental Congress Charles Thomson:

FAQ: Difficulties and Sacrifices of the Declaration Signers:

Their Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor: Richard Stockton:

Who Was Charles Carroll?:

Other Articles & Websites

National Archives, The Signers’ Gallery:

National Archives, Signers of the Declaration of Independence:

Sacrifices of the Declaration Signers

America’s signers of the Declaration of Independence did make sacrifices, sometimes devastating ones, to secure our freedom. How much do you know about the hardships they faced?


Find out more about the signers of the Declaration from our resources page!

Name That Declaration Signer!

Do you think you really know about the signers of the Declaration? Test your knowledge of these important people in American history!


Find out more about the signers of the Declaration from our resources page!

BARTON: Telling the Truth about Moses

Moses by Michaelangelo: CC A 3.0: Jörg Bittner UnnaThe Texas State Board of Education (SBOE) made revisions in the state’s Social Studies standards which governs the content in textbooks, and thus classroom content. The Texas Freedom Network (TFN), a frequent critic of the State Board, on the warpath, launched a public and social media campaign to demand changes in the standards.

Of the 54,000 words that comprise the Texas Social Studies standard, this organization objected to a 27-word statement in high-school history requiring students to: “identify the individuals whose principles of laws and government institutions informed the American founding documents, including those of Moses, William Blackstone, John Locke, and Charles de Montesquieu.” Their main issue was the mention of Moses.

They therefore launched their “Tell the Truth” campaign, berating the “Texas State Board of Education Members’ claim that Moses influenced America’s Founding documents.”1 According to TFN, the SBOE “exaggerated, if not invented, Biblical influences on American Founding.”2 TFN is therefore asking the public to “Tell the State Board of Education to #Teach the Truth.”3

Others on Moses

Telling the truth is an excellent recommendation. We hope that the SBOE will indeed tell the truth about Moses—that it will tell students that:

  • Noted political scientists from the University of Houston documented that the most-cited source in the political writings of America’s Founding Era (1760-1805) was the Bible, and that among the most frequently quoted passages were those from Moses.4
  • Founding Fathers John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjamin Franklin, appointed by Congress to design a Great Seal for the United States, placed Moses as the central figure in that design.5
  • The inscription emblazoned around the famous Liberty Bell is by Moses, from Leviticus 25:10.
  • Numerous Founding Fathers specifically invoked Moses and his writings, such as signers of the Declaration Thomas Jefferson,6 John Adams, 7 John Witherspoon,8 and Caesar Rodney,9 Arthur Middleton;10 signers of the Constitution Benjamin Franklin11 and James Wilson;12 and other notables, including Thomas Paine,13 Joseph Story, 14 Elias Boudinot,15 and many more.
  • When George Washington died, two-thirds of the eulogies delivered about him likened him to Moses.16

However, Moses was an authority in America long before the Founding Fathers. Almost every one of the dozens of early legal codes in colonial America repeatedly invoked Moses and his writings as the basis of its laws; and countless state and federal courts over the next three centuries openly invoked his writings in their rulings.17

Moses in Government Buildings

Main Reading Room, Thomas Jefferson Building, Library of Congress.

Even today, Moses continues to be officially recognized as a significant influence on American government:

  • In the Chamber of the US House of Representatives, Moses is honored as the most important lawgiver in history.
  • Inside the Supreme Court Chamber, Moses is featured three times, and is also honored at several additional locations throughout the building.
  • In the National Archives, directly in front of the display of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is a depiction of the Ten Commandments given by the lawgiver Moses.

The direct influence of Moses and his writings across four centuries of American history is so well-documented that Time magazine concluded “from the Pilgrims to the Founding Fathers, the Civil War to the Civil Rights movement, Americans have turned to Moses.”18

Sadly, the Texas Freedom Network has once again confirmed not only its historical ignorance but also its anti-religious intolerance—they become apoplectic over mentions of Judeo-Christian influences, even when history affirms the reality of that influence. They clamored for the SBOE to “Tell the Truth,” but ironically want to keep students from knowing the truth mentioned above. Their attempt at blatant censorship of American history is disturbing.

The Texas Freedom Network is entitled to its opinion, but they are not entitled to rewrite historical facts simply because it does not comport with their anti-religious bigotry. The State Board of Education should continue to “Tell the Truth” by keeping Moses in the Texas Social Studies standards.


1 See a video posted on: the Texas Freedom Network Facebook page in May 2018: & the Texas Freedom Network Twitter feed on May 14, 2018:

2 See a video posted on: the Texas Freedom Network Facebook page in May 2018: & the Texas Freedom Network Twitter feed on May 14, 2018:

3 See a video posted on: the Texas Freedom Network Facebook page in May 2018: & the Texas Freedom Network Twitter feed on May 14, 2018:

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14  Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States (Boston: Hilliard, Gray, and Company, 1833), I:57-58.

15 Elias Boudinot to Samuel Mather, September 30, 1783, Letters of Delegates, ed. Smith (1979), 20:565-566.

16 Bruce Feiler, “How Moses Shaped America,” Oct. 12, 2009, Time,,33009,1927303-1,00.html.

17 See, for example, “Affidavit in Support of the Ten Commandments,” WallBuilders,

18 Bruce Feiler, “How Moses Shaped America,” Oct. 12, 2009, Time,,33009,1927303-1,00.html.

How Well Do You Know the Declaration of Independence and the Signers?

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